creeps in mind.

creeps in mind.
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Saturday, 29 August 2009


30-08-1994 :
lahirnye sorang putera yg m'lgkapi k'hidupan sebuah famili..k'hdiran die dlm hdop begitu ditunggu-tunggu stlh unwanted tragedy berlaku..he looks so cute as he has a chubby little body with a passion lips! he's a special lil fellows..
30-08-2009 :
*and now he's 15th..just suits to be a teens and a normal in this world is incomplete if there's no love for him from someone he called 'mak'..what? lelaki, manje dgn mak..(some people think its suck, but without a person named mak,mane ade individu yg boleh buat en3 nih skunk chor.. ) stupid..well,aku ske laki yg mnje dgn maknyer but bkn lah ank mak sgt2..eeuhh..
*another few more minutes is his birthday..sincerely, i appreciate him in my life..he make me smile and sometimes could make me cry..having a wonderful friend like him will make my life complete with love and happiness..insyaallah..

Happy Birthday

// to someone that is really special in my life (uhibbuka ya habibi), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!
*suke betol cakap bahasa arab sebab xde org pham..hahahahahahah