creeps in mind.

creeps in mind.
who doesn't love ISLAM is a dumb..

cepat giler...

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


i'm fcebook-ing.. giler tahap gaban..

Monday, 7 September 2009

aku dan haty aku.

aku bertanya pada haty..patutkah? benarkah? tu hanye tuhan yg tahu..aku cube menyelami haty dan perasaan sendiri, tapi kekeruhan tanpa kejernihan menghalang..soal cinta, who knows? i'm stuck..but i'm gonna get the right or never..
patutkah kite tunggu orang yg xmgkin dtg pd kite?
//mane ade someone yg turun dr langit..
patutkah kite tinggalkan orang yg kite syg utk org yg kite suker?
//kite blom taw org y kite suker tuh syg kt kite ke idak..
perlukah kite menyayangi someone hingge kite luper ape yg sepatutnye diingat?
sanggupkah kite tunggu cinta yg xkn pernah ada?
//demi cinta, aku xsanggop! huuu
benarkah cinta itu menyakitkan?
//when you feel it,you knew it..
tapi,org kte cinta tuh best...
//hanye bile org tuh sygkn kite long as that..
what if kite mengkhianati cinta tuh?
//percayalah,cinta akan mengkhianati kite semula..
betul ke kite need someone to l.o.v.e us?
//yes,but in the right way..marriage..
where could i find the meaning of true love?
//you'll find it in direct way of loving your religion,your parents,yourself and your friends..
//why not? don't you trust me? huh
ya..ape maksud cinta?
C- cuma
I- ingin
N- nikmati
T- tapi
A- awas
now i'm afraid of being loved! eeuuhh..

Saturday, 29 August 2009


30-08-1994 :
lahirnye sorang putera yg m'lgkapi k'hidupan sebuah famili..k'hdiran die dlm hdop begitu ditunggu-tunggu stlh unwanted tragedy berlaku..he looks so cute as he has a chubby little body with a passion lips! he's a special lil fellows..
30-08-2009 :
*and now he's 15th..just suits to be a teens and a normal in this world is incomplete if there's no love for him from someone he called 'mak'..what? lelaki, manje dgn mak..(some people think its suck, but without a person named mak,mane ade individu yg boleh buat en3 nih skunk chor.. ) stupid..well,aku ske laki yg mnje dgn maknyer but bkn lah ank mak sgt2..eeuhh..
*another few more minutes is his birthday..sincerely, i appreciate him in my life..he make me smile and sometimes could make me cry..having a wonderful friend like him will make my life complete with love and happiness..insyaallah..

Happy Birthday

// to someone that is really special in my life (uhibbuka ya habibi), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!
*suke betol cakap bahasa arab sebab xde org pham..hahahahahahah