creeps in mind.

creeps in mind.
who doesn't love ISLAM is a dumb..

cepat giler...

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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Assalamualaikum dunia ku..

couple? salah kew?
aku bosan..bosan dengan hidup aku..yes, aku tak patut ada rase bosan,boring,jemu or what ever because i'm already a student! giler.. straightly i'm not a nerd,to look at the books for plenty of hours but nothing can fill up my mind..some people may thinks that i'm just thinking about someone special like 'boyfriend' , but i know how to control it..doesn't mean i'm in love so that i forgot to give my fully attention to study..stupid me!

it's gettin' crazy school just finished our 'sports Day' and i have a great tiring day in my life..
ya allah..ape ke jadah la aku dok merepek neyh..tolong aku bahh..